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can anyone tell me how to retain my theme for another user account means if i create a new user account that should be same to my original account

This has been already answered in this forum.


There's an option for this in Garuda Assistant.

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can you tell me where??
i am not talking about restore default configs

By default, KDE creates user account with it's own default theme, Breeze, and it's own setup. This is handled by KDE, so the only way you achieve this applying Garuda's default config, which means restore default settings, manually.
This solved thread can help you out:


Do you mean the original default Garuda themes, or what you have manually downloaded to your current account $HOME folder?


which i have manuelly donloaded

OK. This is something that has to be done manually. Theme is not just a single file. It includes Latte layout, Wallpaper, KDE theme and much more.

Usually all of them are stored in ~/.config and ~/.local/share, which you have to figure out which is where, and then copy it to the respective subfolders in the new user directory.


can it happen in one command

So, the answer is, no.


if i copy the whole folder then wil it be same

Yes, you can do that, but that's none other than just cloning the user and you not only copy themes but also configs of every other application. This would just takeup double space for the same.


If you want to have a common configuration for multiple users, better is to symlink to save space but each user's change affects the others' and also this is complicated.


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