[RESOLVED] Tried to install another distro over Gardua Dr460nized and now I can't access the drive at all


I had Garuda Dr460nized installed by itself on an internal SSD. It was encrypted/btrfs.

I tried to install a different distro (Zarin, if that matters), using their installer and I chose to erase and install on the drive with Garuda. Zarin installed, but strangely, it instead installed on an external SSD instead of the internal SSD drive running Garuda that I had selected.

I tried to run the installer again, triple checking that I had the correct drive installed, and it failed saying it couldn't create the file--I think it specially said "can't create the ext4 file".

I restarted backing into my BIOS, and the internal drive that had Garuda on it is no longer selectable as a bootable drive. I can at least see that it's attached in the BIOS.

Any tips on how I can wipe the drive? As you can tell, I'm pretty new to this but trying to learn. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Just ask Zorin, Garuda is deleted.

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Have you ever heard of a little utility called dd .

Use dd to wipe the drive.

Be very careful that you assign the correct drive path.


This a serious bug on their installer and you should immediately report to them, instead of asking impossible questions here.
They are also more than capable of helping you with your issue.


Check your BIOS settings to ensure all the drives are selected as usable.

Mine uses checkboxes.

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thank you all for the great tips. I apologize for posting it here rather than a Zorin forum. My initial instinct was that the issue was related to me encrypting the Gardua installation.

I tried to install to the drive 4 more times--twice more from a Zorin USB, then with a Garuda USB and I had issues every time. I could see the drive in the installation menus, but when I would try to install there would always be some sort of issue. On the fourth and final try back on the Zorin USB, it finally worked. Weird.

It's definitely a bug with their installer, and I'll report it. Thank you for for the advice!

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