Requesting about entry in the Garuda Team

Hello Garuda Team
I've been fascinating Garuda Linux for quite a while now, tried many distros and I end up coming back to Garuda always.
I'm in love with it so much that I'm desperate to contribute to the Garuda team.
So is there a way where I can become a moderator or something?

I've been using Linux for over 2 years now.
And still have to get a little grip on Arch. I'll find my way best to be eligible and learn the skills, if any.

Not just mentioning about a moderator assignment, even if a small motivating machine or a Garuda Linux lover, as a team member I'm happy to accept.
Nothing more than my love and devotion to this distro to be a part of Garuda Linux.
No worries if my request is not considered :slight_smile:
I'm happier that I'm using Garuda.
I'll be happiest if I'll be a part of it.
Thank you.


To become a moderator, you should first be an active forum member with your expertise, so we can get to know you better.
The forum software allows each helping to reach more “power” with increasing trust level TL0 to TL3.
So if you love Garuda you can help the community without being a moderator, report bad texts and so on, all this is possible without the title “moderator”.

Not to forget, a moderator needs more than just expertise, he needs stamina, nerves of steel and equanimity.


Hi there @shy18.

It's great to see someone being so gungho about Garuda and looking to help out.

That being said, you've been a member of the forum a very short time and this is your first post here. Generally, no one that is an unknown quantity is invited to be on the Garuda team without some sort of proven track record within the Linux community.

The way you build that trust is to participate on the forum and try to contribute as best you can here. New assistants are greatly appreciated here, and if you're contributing greatly that doesn't go unnoticed by the team.

There is also the option of helping out via contributing to Garuda with pull requests on our sources hosted on Gitlab.

Keep up the great enthusiasm and welcome to the Garuda community.



SGS is absolutely right, especially that last part about nerves of steel.

But, really, you can become more than just a Moderator here, and we can always use that. You can do that by tackling some of the more difficult issues, helping provide solutions to other users unasked. That will give you all the joy of being helpful, without any of the burden of responsibility.

You are already a team member. You just haven't realized it, yet.

As a personal aside, I think It's so cool, your love of Linux and Garuda. Seeing posts like yours always recharges my batteries.

Glad you're here.


Thank you so much for giving such a deep dive in explaining me things​:blush:
Yeah I've recently joined the forum and yeah that was just my enthusiasm for this distro that drove me so hard to ask such a question without having any expertise. I don't want to disturb the flow of Garuda team and community being an inefficient worker either.
Glad you've explained me things​:blush:
Thank you so much.
Lots of love.

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Hey @c00ter
Thank you so much​:blush:
Really loved that where you said I'm already a part. Yeah feels like I'm already a part since I've installed Garuda​:heart:
Thank you for motivating.
Happy Garuda Family.


Somehow your nick doesn't fit you.
In which area are you shy? :wink:


Hey @tbg
Thank you so much for your words​:blush:
Yeah I understood everything.
I'll make my free time and get expertise in Linux and try to help the community as much as i can.
Thank you​:blush:

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:joy:By area you if mean country...
Then as you can see
India :india:

No, you know what I mean :smiley:

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I didn't get you sorry​:sweat_smile::joy:
Relax no worries
All the best for your work.

As other stated;

The Garuda forum community, by its nature, everyone can contribute. (and I've seen most of the solutions or contributions come from other users)

The Open Source community, by its nature, everyone can contribute with pull requests.

No matter how you look at it. You don't need anyone's permission to contribute in any way you want. Unless you want to deal with more direct infrastructure; like they've been wanting to increase their cloud server capacity. In that case I'm sure they wouldn't refuse someone offering servers.


Never mind but I would like to welcome someone in the forum in this customary way :


In what area of your personality, your life are you shy? I think that may be what SGS was querying. You certainly were not shy about your enthusiasm for Garuda Linux, right? It was meant as a friendly question. There's a mis-match between your forum nickname and your actions--so far.
:wink: :smiley:


Ohh okay I got you​:joy::ok_hand:
Thumbs up for your explanation​:joy::slightly_smiling_face:


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