Replacing Octopi

How do I replace Octopi with the Normal Add Remove Software?

Pacman is installed by default.

I am getting Octopi in the latest installation.

The application you are probably looking for is called pamac-aur. You can install it with pacman or octopi.

That being said, it isn't the "normal" package manager. The "normal" package manager is a cli program called "pacman"


You can simply install Pamac from Garuda Setup assistant.


You do not need to uninstall Octopi. Simply leave Octopi installed, and you can use whatever alternates you prefer. If you are more of a GUI inclined user Discover might be worth testing out. Discover is a Qt app intended for KDE and it is very polished looking if that is your focus.

Otherwise pacman and the terminal is the distro's recommended method to update in the most reliable manner. The GUI package managers may look nice, but for reliability pacman is the way to go. I keep GUI managers such as Pamac, Octopi, or Discover installed for software browsing only. I would recommend they be used for individual package installation or removal, never for system updates. Use pacman and the terminal for system updates to prevent problems.


I would warn that you should never use Discover/Gnome Software/Apper for installing/upgrading repo packages on Arch-based distros. They all use packagekit which has no facility for manual intervention. You can easily break your system that way.

You are much better off using octopi/pamac/bauh if you need a graphical package manager.


I was not recommending Discover for updates. I would personally never recommend any GUI package manager for system updates (unless it was simply a wrapper for pacman).


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