Removing Latte-dock and reinstalling KDE Panel

Hello everyone, not really used to making posts on forums but here we go.

I've been using garuda for a while, though often changing versions, lately I've been using lxqt, however due to my own disliking of the way changing themes works in there, I've been wanting to return to the kde dragonized version, however seeing the end of Latte dock, and my own previous problems with it, I wanted to ask if it's possible, or how to, as I've seen it be done, how to remove latte dock and use the normal kde panel? Can I do it on the dragonized edition? or should I just go with the lite version (though I'd prefer against it as I enjoy garuda being basically all ready out of the box)

I tried looking for such topics elsewhere on google, but be it out of my own bad search skills, or be it due to the topics being weirdly named, I couldn't find any topic about it, be it on this or other most popular linux forums/reddits.

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sudo pacman -Rsu latte-dock

Then reboot.

To install a "normal" one, right click on the desktop -> add panel -> Default Panel.


You can still keep latte dock as a dock and use the default KDE panel, that is what I do. Just right-click and hit edit on the latte dock panel, then remove. Right-click on the desktop and hit, add panel for the KDE panel. :+1:


thank you very much for the helpful reply

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and thank you very much for the helpful reply

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