Remove Gnome together KDE?

"I'm not expert like others. But I think to contribute in my level

Just exchange of lines to understand each persons unique view"

The world needs more people with such thoughts!

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Friend, where am I demanding something? I think you need to learn to interpret text better and be less arrogant. I just asked for help, if no one wants to help, that's fine! As I said before, IF I can't solve it and I WANT to solve it, I'll format the computer again. I'm just trying to avoid it.

Thanks for the information that Garuda works on arch linux, now I can search things more easily, I didn't know that.

I just think you guys lack a little more patience...

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Arrogant is not responding to helpful hints.
Also nice is the attempt to fall into the victim role when you don't like the answers.

Since there is no solution for your messed up system, install the last working snapshot.


I'm not making myself a victim, I just came to ask for help. Whoever wants help, whoever doesn't, just ignore it.

If someone who has tested it like I did and didn't like the result, that's what happened. Just type the command in the terminal:

sudo pacman -R gnome-desktop

If you have a package that is preventing you from uninstalling, you will need to delete it. BEWARE, only delete what you are sure will not compromise your operating system.

I only needed to delete what had "gnome" in the package. I restarted and the system worked 100% normal here.


Note: here is the solution for my "messy" system.

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You were warned by three different individuals not to install multiple DE's on your other thread on this topic. Now you act all hurt and offended when after ignoring that advice your new request for help is not well recieved.

Frankly I would have locked this thread immediately after you opened it if I'd seen it. You were told not to install multiple DE's by multiple forum assistants and borked your system through your own disregard and negligence. Then you expect advice on how to clean up the mess you made after being told numerous times not to do what you did.

There is no advice applicable in cases like this. The only good advice is don't install multiple DE's. This was the advice you were already given. Why bother asking for advice when you simply ignore it anyways.

You are wasting support time on our forum. If you continue to waste our valuable time in this manner you will be silenced for several weeks from posting on our forum to give you one chance to reform your behaviour. After that, discipline will become progressively more harsh if this behaviour continues.


Patience is an interesting thing - especially when it comes to dealing with all kinds of people online. We could spoonfeed everything, sure. But whats the result after doing so? People will come back and expect to get spoonfed some more once the next issue arises which stresses the ressources of the team doing this in their freetime and doesnt really help YOU - the user - either. Our goal is to get you ready to be your own sysadmin which involves doing some research on your own :wink:
( Worked some years in a job where I helped people getting along with their life - the motto was always "only help where its really needed" which is important to have a long term effect. I think this applies here as well. You see, point of views can be different :wink: )