Reinstalling Nvidia Drivers

I have a feeling I need to edit the customization.cfg... I did set it to 'latest' and 'dkms=true'. Also, I hadn't installed the xanmod headers, so just did and gonna reboot and see if I have any luck.

Also @Hanuman which exact drivers are you using? And did you edit the customization.cfg?

e: Also, did you have to add the nvidia modeset hook to your kernel parameters?

I have done no custom configuration. Was using stock drivers and installed the latest (not Vulkan beta) driver with nvidia-all.

After upgrading to kernel 6.0, I had to run nvidia-all again and everything worked fine.

Using dkms drivers.


So I defaulted the customization.cfg, then installed 1 driver downgrade with nvidia-all on Garudas LTS kernel -- Then I realized I didn't install the headers for xanmod and after doing that, it booted into any kernel fine.

However, I'm unable to boot into Mainline :(. About to try xanmod mainline.

If you install the kernel from Garuda Settings Manager, it install the headers and everything you need.

And you're using Optimus, correct?

Yes, and optimus-manager. Default config.

So even thought my laptop has Optimus, I have it disabled so only the RTX 3070 Max-Q runs. Basically 99% of games and Virtualization work, but I tried installed mainline the way you stated and it still boots to an NVIDIA kernel panic and hard lock up (cant change tty). So I went ahead and installed xanmod-mainline-edge, and it boots into that no problem. Now I'm thinking of trying to re-update my drivers to the most recent NVIDIA ones through nvidia-all.

Thanks again for the help. Question, does Ray Tracing work for you?

dunno, GTX 2060 has limited Raytracing support and I don't use it

Geekbench runs Raytracing test fine.

Interesting, I know the .76 drivers impacted RTX20xx different than 30xx.... I should try geekbench. Do you possibly have either the new Spiderman or FIFA22? Those are the 2 games I play regularly that still won't run, everythiing else is chipper. Still on xanmod-mainline-edge. also the nvidia-all installer is failing again. will post output in a min.

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