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How to reinstall Grub. I'm not able to see Garuda after dual boot in OS Boot Manager in BIOS Settings

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Bitte lesen Sie das Garuda Linux Wiki und durchsuchen Sie das Forum.
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Garuda does not provide official support for dual boot issues. If you choose to install in this manner you are expected to understand what you are doing and be able to resolve these issues yourself.

The forum is littered with posts from users who have borked their Garuda install by piggybacking another OS along for the ride. If you search the forum you will find the answers you need as you are far from the first user to post about this issue.

The expectation on this forum is that you search thoroughly before posting. Especially on an issue that we do not officially support. Our support resources are already spread too thin to be wasting our time on issues you created yourself.

This is not a Garuda issue.

Search and you will find your answers.

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