Regarding Add and Remove software

I was trying to install some application using Add and remove Software. The app size that was shown was 13.5 MB or something but when i actually started downloading it. It is download 2.5GB of data. Why that and is there a solution to fix this.

When using the software center (pamac), you probably downloaded both your single app as well as a load of system updates in the process.


What data? How do you know it was data?


I am guessing that such figure was a total disk space occupied after installing. packages downloaded are compressed and 1/3 the size... I just have had 715MB of updates downloaded on KDE variant. installed space can be in few GBytes.
anyways, my only grief with the software is the need to manually press update to sync lists

Well, the problem is that besides downloading and installing software, pamac also updates the system.

And 2.5 gb of updates means you haven't update your system for months.

So, the preferred solution would be to first update your system and then try again.

Also, while using any rolling release distro, it is good to update your system at least once in a month.


Yeah! I think it was also downloading system updates with apps that i was downloading. BTW thanks for answering Naman as well as everyone. :grinning:

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