Reflector simple error


As far as I can understand at a quick look in gitlab (I'm not on the PC so I cannot check anyhow), I think that the system uses /etc/reflector-auto.conf, then you can create your own /etc/reflector-simple.conf.
I'm not able to understand if this /etc/reflector-simple.conf is saved when you create your mirror list: I don't think so, I think you have to create it manually if you want, and in that cae it will be used in place of /etc/reflector-auto.conf.

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Not quite sure where you are going with this - but the auto mode in reflector-simple (and its conf) have been dropped since reflector itself added auto capability. Would that simplify for you?


I think reflector-simple.conf is like .vimrc, a config file you create if you want to manually control some settings.

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If the conf file exists - its contents are used instead of internal defaults for things like age, country etc when it first starts up. Depending on the version you are using, there may also be a reflector-simple-tool.conf which has settings such as the number of columns used to display - the window size specs - and the method used for determining your country for you (if not specified already). I am not currently on the right distro to check what version is in use, so YMMV :grin:


not sure what to do now, maybe I will leave it as it is? :thinking:

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Yeah. Not really an error.


If the application works as expected, then don't do anything.
The message in OP is only informational.
EOS (upstream vendor) has changed the configuration scheme.
You may read about it, for education or/and usage differences.


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