Recovery ISO

It would be highly appreciated if you guys could make a recovery iso which is simple doesnt need the user running commands(for newbies) this will be better than using the install iso because most people(indians) have really slow internet or limited per day so downloading 2.4gb is not optimal in all cases
2) It would be highly appreciated if you could do something to allow the iso to work with ventoy as its really usefull, right now we get the error disk xxxxx didnt respond in 30 seconds falling back
3) A inbuild version updater like going from dragonized to dragonized gaming and blackarch, inter versions like from gragonized to wayfire would be dope.
4) A discord server(or telegram) for active support which allows people to see issues in one simpel chat and not scroll through all topics and then answer, this would greatly improve the effectiveness of garuda support(realtime, posting this here cuz posting it in feedback forums would not be proper.)


That would be nice but can't expect the good team here to do everything. ( They are more than busy enough )

If people try 1/4 as hard as the hard working folks here, their problems would be solved. :+1:


Well it cant fix broken grub entry's and u cant chroot considering the reason for it i mentioned, i just had to reinstall my garuda cuz my grub messed up then timeshift

If you still have the ISO bootable media that you installed with then you can chroot from there and reinstall grub if needed.

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Well i have reinstalled it but considering people on 1.5gb daily jio or idea plans they cant. So a small recovery thing will be highly appreciated

I might be missing something here but it takes little to no bandwidth to reinstall grub.

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i mean downloading the iso to boot into a live session

Garuda does not officially support dual booting. Perhaps if you had installed Garuda in the standard manner you wouldna done busted up your grub.

You don't expect too much do you?

If you'd read the Wiki you would know a discord server is never going to be implemented by Garuda. We have a Telegram platform already. When you have conscripted a dozen top Linux experts to staff a 24 hour round the clock telegram support chanel let us know. When you have this arranged and we'd be happy to put your team of experts to work staffing this dream support chanel.

Until then, if you're not willing to volunteer to do all this stuff yourself, then don't expect to volunteer others to do it for you. Just sayin, the distro is 100% free, we don't even take donations. How's about you start contributing to the distro in some minor way before you start compiling an extensive list of expectations.


When you install Garuda or any Linux distro, you anyway do it with a USB or a disc only. It's just as easy as keeping the same image in the devce you've flashed or burnt, no need to download the image once again :upside_down_face:


It seems u took it a little too personal, My aim was never for staff to help us its the community to help each other actively and these weren't my expectations, if u guys feel so bad when someone suggests u something to improve, then my friend just close down staff-customer interactions, pride is good but having a lot of it is never good please ask for clarifications before posting a paragraph of just sheer words pointed to show how bad the reveiwer was and yeah i would like to help people but as i dont have that much knowledge, It was just common sense that what i meant was other community members helping each other out not only staff, You should appreciate the reviews not just try to point out that you are perfect and other's are just idiots.

One more thing grub can get messed up in single boot also and I have been a garuda user for well over a month now.

Yes, one can nuke an entire partition in one command if one is skillful enough.

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If these things are that important to you, you may want to consider distros that can cater to your needs. I would strongly recommend checking out Windows 10, or possibly Ubuntu or Red Hat. They are probably the only 3 I can think of that would have active support at the drop of a inquiry, and can probably get you up and going which is simple and might not require you to be running commands.



1.) The one who have installed Garuda must already have iso and usb drive. So, no need of boot recovery iso. Moreover, the ones who have other distro, can simply grab Grub Boot Recovery iso.

2.) It is nothing that we have disabled in ventoy. Ventoy is outdated, not our issue. Ask ventoy devs.

3.) We already have Dragonized -> Dragonized Gaming edition, and logically, we don't need others. Because most pentesters aren't short of bandwidth.

4.) You mean to say that we, not even a dozen developers, should volunteer more than 2k users, free of cost, in real time. :joy:
Btw, we already have telegram group, and there are some nice helpers out there. Check it


This is certainly not the case everywhere in India. Here, in my locality, most of people have broadband, and off course Cafe and hotels have free wifi. I don't say that whole India have sufficient access to broadbands, but I am sure that many places do. (Though I bought one just couple of months ago)
India is a really large country


Hello, Thank you for your reply i really appreciated how you replied so explaining each step by step, THank you but for the server point i mean inter community support nobody expects the devs to help people i am a developer as well so understand the burden anyways good luck, All i meant was to make garuda more exquisite then it is right now there is always a score for improvement
Edit - SOrry for ping am still figuring out how to remove pinging

You can't remove ping and reply at same time.

That's exactly what we have on telegram group.


There's just no accounting for all the foolish stuff people do. There are no idiot-proof distributions as far as I'm aware.


Actually cooter, all it takes is not giving users root/sudo access. Don't allow them to install programs or remove or modify them.
Then everything would keep working..magically.
I would actually say a distro like this could be made...that does allow curated program installation with setuid. But all the nasty powerful stuff taken away so the kiddos can't shoot themselves in the foot. It could be a lot of fun to create such..but I wonder about the userbase.

Deleting a unused ubuntu partition and adding it my windows install considered foolish?

Being your System's Administrator requires knowledge and responsibility.

Ther's a misunderstanding about computers and OSes installation. They don't make you a System Administrator. Normally you should hire one to do system related actions and maintenance.
A simple user should not have root privileges , or better, sudo should not be installed and only the System Administrator should know root user's password.

The fact that it's not like this, is because it is obvious to the Linux community and distribution devs, that Linux users are responsible adults and know their rights (as OS consumers) and responsibilities (as consumers in general).

Too much talking teaching for... free. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: