Recommended ISO build

What is the recommended way to create a Garuda KDE Live USB?

I created one with Balena Etcher and was able to boot the live ISO. But the install hangs at 93%.

At first I thought it was because the computer went to sleep and interrupted the install. On next boot I disabled all power options and started the install, but when I came back the screen was off and the Install was stuck at 93% again. Any thoughts?

Try running calamares in debug mode on live

sudo -E calamares -d

Then give us the output here

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I don’t know, it worked this time. I sat there for the whole 9 minutes and kept moving the touchpad to make sure it didn’t go to sleep and Garuda installed.


Is there a place where I can leave feedback about installation? I think future ISOs should disable a lot of power settings so the calamares is not interfered with during the installation process. I think that the network connection is disabled when the computer goes to sleep. I personally don’t like to babysit an install because I’m busy 24/7. Once I start an install, I’m off to get something else done either at work or at home, then I come back once the install is finished.

Side note: I’m exited to start playing around with Garuda as my Gaming OS.


This place is okay

As we can read here.

I will see what can be done to have power saving/sleep etc disabled on live usb


I’m assuming that you mean during the actually install you had to keep moving the mouse. Myself on any OS install I find the power settings and set them to never turn off, then I do my actual install. This should also keep your internet connection from going to sleep as well. Personally I have yet to run across a Linux OS where I didn’t have to adjust the power settings before installing.

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I’ve never paid attention to this with other Linux OS installs, as I don’t remember if I stayed there or walked away in each instance. Usually I walk away, and this might explain why I was having issues with another OS install on a different machine.

I just realized that changing those settings might apply them to the OS when it’s installed. I don’t know though as I’ve never built a Linux OS with an Installer. In Windows if I disabled those settings in the live image, it would apply to the installed Windows OS also. So maybe this is a bad idea. I’ll just have to be mindful of this with future installs.

From what I’ve seen once on the actual desktop after install you will need to go in and disable the setting if that’s what you want. Changing it in the live environment doesn’t carry over to installed system.


Thanks for the clarification.