Reboot messed up?

hello I'll give some background as to how i made it happen. everything was working just fine I was playing steam trying to figure out how to fix stutter issues got tired and put it in sleep mode. woke up it was working fine but steam wouldn't load into the online version so i rebooted my computer now im stuck at the boot screen. i have 3 option

1: garuda (normal way to boot)

2: advanced boot options

3: snapshots

I tried all 3 and none work they all do the same it will say

loading kernel linux-zen

loading initial ramdisk

any help? ik how to get into the Konsole through here and logged in it states

alefetch: could not open /sys/class/drm to determine resolution in tty mode

is there anything i can prompt it to make it boot or is a bigger problem? I also use Dragonized if that helps

Did you timeshift properly?


Timeshift consists of two steps -

Ensure both are completed.


i clicked the link but I have 3 options to choose from on the timeshit

snapshot: what i would assume the regular one

vmlinuz: fallback one

vmlinuz: .img one

it just sits there loading the snapshot saying

loading microcode and initramfs: amd-ucode.img intitramfs-linux-zen-fallback.img ...

Check out the video in @Stroke_Finger's linking.


I am in the terminal rn to see if its better to do it the manual way

thx saved this for later in case if need it again thanks for the help its really much appreciated!

Alternatively, you can also click on 'Wiki' in the bar at the top. There you will see other useful explanations.


It happened again but reloaded a older snapshot but the konsole when tried the most recent one said my password was incorrect even though i have it wrote down so don't forget any ideas why?

What exactly did you do?

nothing just installed steam and stuff back I have an idea that it might be the proprietary divers i download on both times i loaded in? maybe each working one Is running on open drivers?

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