**Read Warning** How to add new system partition to my existing install by default

i want to add a new partition to increase space. How to add it as a part of the install like how the root partition is mounted all the time.

Live ISO :smiley:

I have some freespace. I want to make the partition and then make it mount by default.

You do not change the UUID , so?

You are using the default garuda partitioning scheme with btrfs? Which partition are you looking to add to?


I want to use it to install games and store media. its on the same ssd as original installation and im using an ext4 partition as my root and a bios-grub partition.

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Thats unsupported by us :slight_smile:
If you still want to do, booting the LiveCD and making changes via Gparted is a good idea.

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I can create the partition even from within the PC. what i want to do is make it mount by default.



thank you so much. in a few minutes i will add the exact procedure that i am following as solution.

So the headline must then.

How can I mount a partition by default?

This text or similar would then have solved your problem on duckduckgo.
I think I need to move this to newbies.


I don't see how you can avoid it, this is some pretty fundamental stuff.

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mark-it-solved by me :slight_smile:

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EDIT/WARNING : this did not work. It messed up my home partition. So instead now I restored snapshot and moved the swap partition which got in the way of expanding my current partition


added new partition to /etc/fstab like so.
You can find the UUID from gparted or kde partition manager.

# <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass>

UUID=4f6fdcfa-53f2-4eaa-b404-0bd0bfa378cb	/	ext4	defaults,noatime	0	1
UUID=ca128974-163e-48d5-869a-fde2f887a0bd	swap	swap	defaults,noatime	0	0
ab0007cd-c2ca-458b-8573-e42a7e6b442a		ext4	defaults,noatime	0	1

Then i decided to move my home directory to the new partition

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And many many other places, I think we do not need to repeat here what has already been described thousands of times on the Internet especially not on YT. Since it is often incorrect.
If then a link to the Arch wiki is enough.