Random freezes, have to manually reset PC

Hi. So Im using GNOME (Ultimate Edition) and I'm getting frequent random freezes.
It is not my hardware as I have a Ryzen 7 3800XT and an RTX 3080 GPU along with 16GB 3200mhz RAM.
I am using the Zen kernel but have also tried the 5.8-graceful kernel and some others within the kernel manager and the OS still freezes.
Also I have tried other Arch distros like EndeavourOS and Manjaro, and even pure Arch itself and they do not freeze.
Please investigate and fix issue,

You provide no logs or other concrete information yet you tell us to fix your issue. That is being rather presumptuous, I'd say.

Have you tested the kernels linux,
linux-mainline, linux-rt?

Have you tested the fallback kernel image (from the grub boot menu) ?


Also, have you tried using REISUB, rather than a hard power down.

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What logs do you want? it's a complete freeze where nothing works, including the keyboard.
Also I've noticed that the performance governor isn't set automatically. It just defaults or resets to schedutil. How do I even get it to default to performance?

This ^^^^^

And this:

inxi -Fxxxza
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Check your logs for any I/O errors. Try a different scheduler if there are any. It may be worth testing different schedulers regardless.

Have you run fsck on your drives. Are you currently Multi-booting. When was the last time you used another of these OS's that were not freezing. If it has been a while you cannot rule out hardware as problems can develop overnight.

Boot off a Garuda Gnome live environment and see if the problem exists there as well. There are lots of troubleshooting measures you can perform.

Post the answers to the questions I've posed please if you'd like assistance.

Pretty sure the problem is that schedutil governor setting. Tell me how to change it permanently to performance and then i'll see if it still freezes.
No matter what I do, even using cpupower set peformance governor from command line, it immediately changes back to schedutil

Nevermind. Figured out why it was automatically resetting to schedutil. The auto-cpufreq package that is installed by default was f'ing everything up. NO more freezes now with the performance governor and that package being f'd off
Oh...and no logs needed :wink: