Quick question on package install

This little item is bugging, AND making me feel like I belong in this area! When I select a prebuilt package file (.pkg.tar.xz) - a popup executes (apparently) pacman -U on it. What is this popup, and located in what? Can't find it in the mime types... It seems to be here and on Arcolinux, but not on EnOS or a bare-metal Arch.

It seems handy compared to opening a terminal 'there' and typing in the command....

its probably PAMAC doing this.

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Oh. I guess I'll live without it, then :grin: Seems like over kill to install just for that!

If I knew enough I could just put together something to do it for me... script called from Thunar?

Edit: just checked in yay - no sign of pamac being installed?? Any other places that 'default software installer' might point? Thks

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I agree it is likely Pamac as it seems to take over this function of manually installing (or downgrading) when you click on a package that is cached.

Sorry, just read your last comment, and I'm rather surprised if you don't have pamac installed. It's install name is pamac-manager if you are performing a search. Perhaps the name tripped up your search results.


Or, perhaps my brain misfired :grin: I expected it be here on Garuda, because it is NOT a Lite version I installed, but couldn't see anything pamac that was [Installed] the first time through. pamac-manager is not found by either pacman -Q or yay. However - THIS time I found pamac-all was installed (strangely it shows as installed BOTH from chaotic-aur and AUR) - so it probbaly is something tied in to the pamac stuff. The only use I would make of pamac, though, and not worth the disk space for that!

I'll just have to research how to use mime-types or Thunar to make a trigger to run a little script, I guess. Hmm - a pkexec from Thunar would do it, right? :grin:

Thanks for the reply. Now i just have to find out if my mind is going - or if I just didn't notice what distro I was on when searching the first time!

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