Question regarding Installing in Ext4

New to arch, somewhat experienced with Ubuntu. I’m setting up a Plex server / entertainment system. I’ve looked online and can’t really find much info on what I’m asking. I’m worried that space on the main drive would fill up to fast with Btrfs and I don’t need the data protection aspects to the format. During the installation it states that you should install it on Btrfs, is there any reason that it would not work on ext4?
Specs of computer: i3 4150t 4gb ram 250gb ssd and an external hard drive. Thanks for any info.

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You can do whatever you like on your own system. Having said that though, the Garuda devs and forum staff will not provide advice on installing in that manner. Any major deviation from the standard editions default configuration is not going to receive support on the forum.

Please do not solicit information on installing via this method on our forum. The users that have done this in the past only encourage more users to do this and it just leads to a support nightmare.

You may install in that manner if you wish, but please don't seek assistance on the forum if you encounter problems. Sorry, but we have enough issues trying to keep normal installs supported. Throwing non-standard installs into the mix just makes support that much more difficult. Especially when some users aren't up front about using non-standard install methods. This has created headaches for the support staff in the past and the decision was made that users that do so will not receive support on the forum.

Apologies, but this thread is getting moved out of the main forum because one post on this topic simply begets another, and then another, and we don't want that mess continually creating issues.


From next release it wont be possible to install using any other fs but btrfs.

So this type of questions will be reduced


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