Question regarding firedragon customization

Hello Garuda users,

firedragon is cool, but i like the firefox logo more.
Could someone refer me to a site that explains how i can replace one with the other or just tell me straight up? I can't imagine that being particularly complicated


You'll want to read up on Mozilla site about Firefox customization, and look at the dr460nf1r3 / FireDragon settings · GitLab repo which has a nice readme to get started.
I never really bothered customizing anything besides shrinking some UI elements due to low resolution on my laptop, so I don't have any experience to share.



What do you mean exactly?
This one?


If so, how many times a day do you open help - about?

Not interested in justifying what I want to do.

Thanks, I'll look into that

It's compiled into the browser so there is no way other than replacing the theme and recompiling it. Might as well use Firefox at this point :eyes:

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@dr460nf1r3 Oops... my bad.

I only speak for myself, but... clarifying != justifying.
I seriously doubt anyone is interested in the second one either.
It may be the case I read your question too literally, and perhaps you were looking for its .desktop file, that is it. :man_shrugging: (my favorite emoji LOL)
If so, it's in /usr/share/applications/firedragon.desktop and rather than modifying it, copy it to the respective path under ~/.local and change the icon there. See Desktop entries - ArchWiki.
You'll probably have to make that directory if it doesn't exist.

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