Question About Updating

Does anyone know why I am unable to use "sudo pacman -Syu" without a Garuda Linux prompt?

Would you mind clarifying your problem better? What error are you getting?
Can you provide your garuda-inxi?


The answer to this question could not be more obvious; it is built in to the prompt itself:

sudo pacman -Syu
Garuda Linux is updated via the "garuda-update" command instead of pacman -Syu.
Would you like to run "garuda-update" instead? (i = never ask again/ignore) [y/N/i]

Regardless of how easy it is to set the prompt to simply never ask again, you should not be updating this way. As has been discussed numerous times in many topics, using the garuda-update tool is a better update method. There must be a hundred forum posts where the solution was just to use the update tool instead of pacman -Syu or similar.

If refreshing the mirrorlist is taking too long, you can skip it and if you want to skip confirmation that is available too; read the wiki linked in the prompt you are trying to get rid of. There is just no compelling reason to update with pacman.

Not for nothing, but this is a pretty lazy question; if you had bothered to actually read the twenty words or whatever in the prompt you would have had your answer without even opening this thread.


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