Question about garuda's pacman -Syu's text output

I'm curious as to what tweaks were made to the pacman update command so that the text output includes info on AUR and orphaned packages. I'd not seen this before until I updated my Garuda VMs. Is it an alias or an add-on package?


They are pacman hooks



Thank you.

I'm pretty basic in using Arch-based distros, so this is fascinating to me.

The answer here led me to:

because I was wondering where "Operation", "update/install/remove" and all the other terms in the .hook files were defined.

I learnt something new today.


Yes, you can do all sorts of neat things with hooks. I wrote an overly complicated hook that checked if timeshift had created a backup within a predetermined time (if not) it triggered a backup. It also gave the option of user interaction via pressing enter on the keyboard to cancel the backup once started.

It worked very well for me, but Garuda uses a package from the AUR to initiate a timeshift backup prior to updating.