QTile Edition Fails to Load Config

Hello, I put the qtile edition iso on a flash drive, boot to it, it seems that there is an issue. the config fails to load the bar at the bottom says "err: config" keybindings aren't working, etc. I didn't change anything, I literally just booted to the USB drive. am i missing something.

Maybe you load a version that was not official announced?

Post the full ISO name, please.

and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text! Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.


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its on the downloads page?

Its broken, use if possible from 210329 :slight_smile: , please.

But it is not ready now, sorry.

And not announced too :smiley:

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damn it. I'll use gnome thank you!

That is Qtile thread.

IIRC Gnome 40 broke to many things in arch rolling DE's so it will not longer released in Garuda, sorry.

BTW,Qtile is ready now, use torrent.

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looks like the page is broken. it throws a 404 for the torrent.

Which one, only one is broken in moment.

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Weird. I will take a look on this.


I have the same issue... The qtile session wont use the custom config the iso provided... I used the latest iso too (210329). I see "config err!" and "default config", which is the config provided when you, in this case, "don't" have a config.py... but there is one... its like qtile cant read the custom config the iso provided? I fully downloaded the iso with calamares into my ssd unknowing that it wasn't going to read the config... bummer. Get this fixed, please!

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Yeah it's a bug. Comment or delete line 10 in ~/.config/qtile/config.py

Or wait for new iso