Pywal-colors in Garuda Qtile

Hello i am new to Arch based distros and also new to WMs like Qtile. i love that Garuda has a qtile enviroment ISO that i can use from the get go. Only thing i cant really figure out is how to disable the whole Pywal-colors thing in general. i dont like that it changes background and terminal colors every login. I would like to set a static background and set static colors for my terminal etc. Any help would be useful. I have tried overlooking the Garuda Wiki about Qtile but still am unsure. I have tried to comment out the line in the Qtile but that caused a grey background. I am not sure if that was correct way to to this or not.

Thanks for your time!

Let's start with the documentation:

It is auto-started via a line in your user's shell configuration file. Therefore, look in those files to find the line, then delete it.


Comment or delete the line in (.config/qtile/scripts/ and use a wallpaper setter like nitrogen or feh.

For Example Add this lines to

feh --bg-fill path/to/wallpaper &


nitrogen --restore & #(need to select a wallpaper in nitrogen)

Also if you don't want pywal colors in terminal remove this lines from .config/fish/

if type "wal" >> /dev/null 2>&1
cat ~/.cache/wal/sequences


Ahh so i was correct when i comment out that line in the thats good i figured it was that but wasnt sure about terminal etc.

Thank you. I was just about to dive into the fish .config file

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