Pwfeedback enabling after update

First of all i'm not a native English speaker, so I apologize for my any possible mistakes.
I have been using dragonized for a while and I want to share a couple situation that bothers me with you. A package sent by Garuda causes annoying * (asterix) characters when entering a password in the terminal, but I can't find out which package is yet. I don't understand why you insisted on putting this thing there, which was removed from all other distros for security reasons. Manually removing pwfeedback after every update has become very annoying.

Also after every update, my processor goes into performance mode and I have to manually turn off the auto-cpufreq daemon each time. I wrote a script that does all this for me, but I would be very happy if you could explain the reason for your choices.

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As for the asterix part: The file served by garuda-common-settings. Why is this an issue? Might want to turn this into an alias, update + removing the file afterwards if you absolutely want to have it removed :thinking:

In my opinion it's still not ideal that the package changes the user's settings every time the package is updated.


Well Im not against removing that one either :thinking:

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Our editions are optimized for performance.

Post your script, please




Garuda is designed to meet the needs and preferences of its developers and maintainers. If you don't like those choices then you can 1) use the barebones installer and set everything up yourself or 2) use another distro.

If there is a specific technical or substantive reason for making a change (which is more then your personal preference) then you can post a request in #feedback:feature-requests.


Please take a look at pacman/Pacnew and Pacsave - ArchWiki for files the user may want to change.