ProtonUP-QT Version

ProtonUP, which is a GUI for updating Proton-ge and other versions under Lutris, is in AUR and Chaotic-aur, and mentioned in this post;

However, there is a better variant called ProtonUP-QT that lets you manage, install/uninstall all the Proton variants for both Lutris and Steam. This differs from proton-ge-custom and proton-ge-custom-bin in AUR/Chaotic-Aur because those versions only install the latest Proton-GE. ProtonUP-QT shows all installed versions and allows you to easily remove or install new ones. Supports Proton-GE for Steam and Wine-GE, Lutris-Wine and Kron4ek's Vanilla Wine-Builds for Lutris.

It would be nice to have this variant version/handy tool added to Chaotic-Aur.


Could you possibly file an issue here please? I'd add it then :slight_smile:


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