Proprietary Nvidia Driver Crashed System

Hey everybody, so I do have a unique situation I think... At least over the last two days I've not found anybody else with my situation... Let me start off with system specs:

Mid 2011 iMac with Garuda Dr460nized Gaming Edition
Intel Core i7-2600s
32GB DDR3 PC1333 RAM
Samsung Evo 870 250GB SSD
Nvidia Quadro K2100M 2GB mxm-a GPU

I have the latest version of Garuda x64 installed and is fully up to date. When I installed the proprietary nvidia drivers under Hardware Configuration and did a reboot. It crashed the OS pretty hard, my screen wouldn't come on anymore.

The K2100M GPU I have in it now is NOT the factory GPU for this iMac, it's the highest upgrade able GPU you can get for this workstation. There is also no external ports such as VGA/DVi/HDMI/DP on this workstation so I cannot connect a secondary monitor.

So the only way I could get past the issue with the monitor no longer turning on is by installing the factory GPU an AMD Radeon HD 6570m with a whopping 512mb of memory... With that GPU installed I was able to get the monitor to come back on, but I also had to completely reload Garuda from a USB drive.

I now have the Nvidia K2100M reinstalled and so far everything is working, except... I don't know what to do about getting a proper Nvidia driver installed for this thing. I'm afraid to try the proprietary driver again in case I have the monitor issue again. Because swapping GPUs is a HUGE undertaking in these iMacs and I've done it so much the last few weeks I just really don't want too anymore...

So, I'm begging, and pleading for guidance, assistance, help, and ideas on where I need to go to get a proper Nvidia Quadro K2100M video driver that will work with Garuda.


Which driver series supports this GPU? It sounds like an old one, so it probably needs 390xx.

Checking the Nvidia site, indeed the last driver series that supports this card is 418xx, and that series is EOL, unmaintained, and unavailable.

Therefore, if you want the proprietary driver then you'll have to use 390xx.

Unfortunately not. Old Nvidia cards create issues for everyone who has them and thinks Linux is the answer for their EOL hardware.


Thanks for the update, yeah it's been a bear.... Every single driver and "fix" I've tried the last few days has caused my screen to no longer turn on. Unfortunately this is the best GPU I can throw in this thing, so I might be SOL. I'll be honest I'm scared to try anymore driver updates as they've all ended the same way.

I do find it odd that Garuda does "recognize" my GPU and even lists it by it model.

I have it working as good as I think I'm going to, so I should leave things alone probably lol

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