Proposal for GNOME-specific Wiki Page

Hi all! As advised from the Garuda Matrix instance, I'm posting here about adding a GNOME Garuda wiki page or a guide here on the forum.

The page is already written in clean markdown, formatted and styled after the existing wiki pages. It has a little FAQ, some tips and tricks, guidelines for customization, GNOME-specific notes on troubleshooting, and some external resources. All the referenced pages are hyperlinked, it just lacks a few screenshots and wiki-dependent in-page section links.

It caters mostly to people new to // inexperienced with GNOME and the tone is a little more guide-ish which is why I mention putting it on the forum instead. I'm not TL3, but I'd also be happy to add the images and pass it off to someone who is if it'd be better off as a forum guide.

The current state of the page is here in the PrivateBin, though the FAQ formatting looks a bit odd.

Thanks for reading, let me know if changes // next steps are needed. :peace_symbol:




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Happy to help :call_me_hand: if anyone notes any problems let me know.

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I think this is better off being on instead of on the forum @petsam
I'll put it up on wikijs and unlist your post for now, if you disagree then feel free to reopen it there.

@SonarMonkey mind sending me a dm with your preferred email address and username (whoa, let me guess, same as on forum? :P) and I'll make you a account.


I'm an old but experienced GNOME Shell user, though it forced me to switch to Plasma when GNOME 3.xx ruined all of my custom themes. Your tute has value. Thank you very much for your concrete contribution. Bookmarked. :smiley:


Damn, that is high praise! Much appreciated sir :pray:

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We'll see. Now I gotta hankerin' to build a GNOME box. The major reason I get my jollies from Linux, particularly Arch Linux, is because of the feeling of freedom it engenders.

The major gripe I have about GNOME is that it's more-or-less owned by Red Hat. GNOME considers their desktop look-and-feel as "branding" (their word, not mine), and it is to promote a consistent corporate desktop. So bye, bye, freedom. That's the start and I could go on. But, hey, there's reasons why there are so many GTK+/3/4 environments nowadays. At least one of the DEs started as a shell extension. That speaks volumes. :wink:

Once burnt twice shy? :smiley:

It doesn't matter. I change DEs more frequently than a number of our users change their undies (I said I wouldn't mention you, @tbg). Or wear undies.


No undies for me @c00ter, I don't even own a pair. The only thing I ever wear is swim trunks/jogging shorts, (or I'm but naked).

The only time I even have pants on, someone died, or I'm in front of a judge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:rofl: Do I need to add a disclaimer on the Wiki?

"Garuda Linux, and by extension the author of this page, will not be held liable for any damages or psychological alterations resulting from the use of the GNOME desktop. The GNOME desktop can expose you to components, such as GTK4, which are known to the State of California to cause emotional duress and other mental disturbances."

On a real note, I understand your qualms about the environment. The whole "UI-as-branding" thing does make me a tad uncomfortable, as do some of the attitudes expressed by devs in various discussions (stretching back pretty far). It does feel something of a perversion of the philosophy that I think usually drives FOSS at times, but I'd just be re-hashing a thousand other discussions that mostly devolve into vitriol going into that. The freedom you note is vital and also just beautiful.

More lately, I think I've come to face GNOME more as a sort of puzzle, like hardware hackers might in booting Linux off a PlayStation or something. I like what's there, but I also like it being mine. It's unfortunate that such a puzzle comes in the form of a FOSS project, but ethical questions aside it is sort of fun. If nothing else, at least it's not literal malware-as-a-service (@ M$)

And yeah, I mean. As we've already discussed I'm not in it for the metaphorical 2 1/2 kids and a mortgage :rofl: I've been narrowing in on the aspects of GNOME (and the things I do to it) that I must have out of a desktop experience and I imagine there will come a time when GNOME fades from a toxic lover to an old friend I see for lunch when I'm in town.

I wish everyone luck on their path to striking a healthy underwear/DE balance :black_heart:


What a load of bullocks old timer. KDE does the same forcing a Windows 2000 clone, XFCE win95, Gnome at least has the balls to do things different, also if like me you don't like the basic desktop yoy can change it to what the foock you want its all in user heads that its not customisable by reading fud on forums and brainless reviewers


I think we may have drifted a tad off topic, but I would like to make a couple points. No ill will, derision, or disrespect is meant by anything I say here.

Perhaps this is just semantics, but having a very plain default isn't the same thing as "forcing." KDE and XFCE are win-alike by default. This is just their nature and design, and that kind of layout has a very long history in Linux as well. As seen in the dragonized edition, KDE at least is clearly fully unbound from this default.

GNOME on the other hand has things like "Human Interface Guidelines" and ecosystem-centric lock-ins in the tools and frameworks for GTK-native app development. Their attitude towards things outside this, like Qt apps for example, is "not our problem." This behavior is far more akin to closed-source, company backed OS's, and is moving in an especially Apple-like direction.

The trajectory of GNOME's interface really doesn't remind you of anything? I realize that comes off as a jab, but consider: Iterating and innovating on existing designs/concepts is not a bad thing and is how arguably most UI experiences move forward. The vast majority of DE's now are a mangled web of borrowed concepts and complex lineages. Each has unique innovations and features of their own, and GNOME is certainly different in its default state than the larger family of more win-alike environments, but in many of its differences can be found a) "inspiration" from other extant desktops, and b) some of its uniqueness tied to the more "branded" look & feel.

Sure! It's still open source, still Linux, still readily extensible. However, heavily working with GNOME through a handful of major version upgrades and doing the same on another well-established "mainline" DE I think does show that the nature of GNOME is somewhat more temperamental. This is further seen in things like the open hostility towards theming sometimes expressed by GNOME devs, and the generally flippant/not-my-job stance GNOME has with regards to maintaining consistent behaviors for more extensive user-side customization. Reading my wiki page also expounds upon this, if somewhat indirectly. The real work in continuing to make GNOME as customizable as it is comes from the tireless outside work of countless extension and theme developers who dive right back in when GNOME throws a fresh wrench at them.

Once again, no disrespect! Just hoping to add a little insight to the discourse here. I love GNOME. I use GNOME every day. I come back to GNOME when I've had enough of tweaking whatever trendy tiling WM grabbed my attention. I've been doing so since Fedora 18. It provides an environment that, for me, is extremely useful and productive. But I think it's important to acknowledge that many of the criticisms against it, especially in recent times, do have at least some degree of validity.

I'm at fault here for running counter to this statement, but if anyone is going to walk away from this comment with anything, it should be the following - Differing opinions and places to constructively discuss them are vital and core to the foundation of free and open source software. What makes this work, though, is just a little extra effort to be thoughtful and respectful. :peace_symbol:


No. That's the truth, you old sod. And you'd admit it, too, if you weren't so tired from eluding the squirrels searching for your nuts.

And you, of all people, know my love for GNOME and everything else Linux. If you think about it, you'll recall when Rob from Manjaro--lo' these many moons ago--offered me the GNOME maintainer position. (The rest of you--if you don't know who Rob was--that's how long it has been.) It was long enough ago, I still ran GNOME. Remember, you twit? :wink:

@SonarMonkey, it's OK. Mandog and I have been friends longer than I care to think. And don't let his dyslexicon fool you--he's sharp as a spoon! :wink:


Hahaha, nice :rofl: I'll go forward with that (rather wild) context. Hopefully I've still added something for posterity there :person_shrugging:


What rubbish I was and am a KDE user But KDE is comparable to the wife i fell out of love wife 20 years ago Gnome is fresh.

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I must say, I have been reading your posts in this forum. And DAMN!

I'm REALLY impressed! Really valuable work you're doing!

Like really going deep and still telling things clearly. Excellent!

I tend to search answers to my Linux "problems" quite thoroughly, but I have to admit, I don't have so much time anymore for it, like I did before :wink: Age and family... Long workdays....

Just built Mini-ITX machine to my hometheater, with only Linux on it. Had problems with R290 not working properly with Vulkan. The solution was easy to find, I just didn't use "sudo" at the first try... So, it didn't rebuild the "mknicionicsthingy" properly! Used wrong kernel driver. Anyway, sorted it out myself and damn! That R290 really can still run things properly at 1080p!

Anyway, keep it up! I'll keep my eye on you!


1st i'll apologise for what ever rubs you the wrong way but any Gnome thread is Hi jacked by some KDE users it pees me off.
A gnome wiki entry is a great idea for Gnome it needs a bit of love, Unfortunately it will be slated off by some KDE users @c00ter included its a shame as Gnome is the only pro desktop for Linux its not designed to be a play project for users ego o look a my latest toy it don't work but looks good, Gnome is for working day in day out.
Just to get things even I do use KDE since the project started as well as Gnome, Gnome like any other desktop can be made to mimic any other desktop but their is a lack of information and that is the real problem.


Please posts your thoughts on this when completed. I am curious about the new Gnome 42 "improvements." Still more constraints, less functionality all wrapped up in Apple device oriented OS? Users want to know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :japanese_ogre:

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No, plain GNOME Shell on a vanilla base install is more of what I was thinking. Then all of my punitive thinking will be GNOME-solely because, as we all know, Arch is never at fault.

On second thought, I'm not sure if that last bit was said tongue-in-cheek or straight-up. Or if I'll even install GNOME (ever again). This is too much like my second wife. We broke up prior to getting married, got back together again and got married, then broke up for good and were divorced six months later.

What was I thinking? Putting a ring on a turd just means you got a sparkly turd. That's all. I'm not sure I want to waste the effort to find out if GNOME is still a turd. With or without the sparkle.

OT: Oh shit, I just saw the header and realized I hijacked the whole thread. I am honestly sorry, @SonarMonkey.


:raised_hands: Wise words. I am in the same boat. The last time I did it, Gnome 41 I think, it ended with my head in my hands thinking, there is an hour I can't get back.


All good lol, I'm familiar with that particular frustration :rofl:

And yeah, I would tend to agree that this is probably the biggest thing. Auto-generated technical docs and "haha figure it out" for the rest. :person_shrugging:

No worries it all! The page that was the intent of this thread went up before anything else :joy: So the drift into a little friendly discourse about the things I think anyone who's used GNOME for a length has come up against and people's various resulting takes is if nothing else more fun than a dwindling chain of "nice page" or whatever :wink: