Problems with Discover

I have a problem can´t use Discover for updates. Discover don´t refresh.
Any idea ?

Seriously, don’t use Discover or any other GUI for updates. Use garuda-update on the command line, it’s about as foolproof and robust as is possible to be.


What she said ^^^


Ok thanks for the advice. I ever use garuda-update, only ito know what its the problem with Discover.

Do yourself a favor and install topgrade . Then when you do updates invoke garuda-update from your terminal, then run topgrade from your terminal, then and only then run Discover to see if you have any theme elements that need updating. Never use GUI program for updating anything other than theme elements.


Well said. :slight_smile:

Sigh, this again. Don’t use Discover for your main updates, but do use it for to update any system themes, widgets you have added sans Arch/Aur repos, etc. It is the only piece of software that will update these, not even a manual ‘garuda-update’ in terminal will update them.


Absent what @RodneyCK states, unless the user installs packagekit-qt5 Discover is otherwise worthless for updating anything else. Except flatpaks, if that’s been previously enabled. Not even a default plasma-meta install in Arch, which includes Discover, uses the packagekit backend. Even Arch’s developers view it as kinda dangerous.

Discover stuff children, just not too much! :rofl:


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