Problems installing windows in a dual boot with garuda Linux

I don't know if this question is off topic or not but i need assistance.

I am using Windows 10 and Garuda linux dragonized edition in dual boot mode.I need to install win 8.1 instead of win 10 without affecting my garuda linux.I need assistance to do it if its possible.


Hello @professor ,

This is not easiely possible, because Win 10 creates some system partitions including the EFI partition.
When you reinstall Win 8.1 all the Win 10 partitions will be removed and recreated including the EFI Partition.
Thats why all dual boot Tutorials in the world saying: Install windows first.



Whats the hard way
Any tutorials :pray:

Not in this forum, sorry.


Take backup and reinstall all :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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There should be a way like installing windows from linux with dual boot. I need my garuda linux unchanged only . I can delete my windows.

This is not easy because Window is evil. It simply wipes the EFI System Partition and installs only Windows' boot entry. That's why Windows should be installed first and then Linux, because Linux is not evil like Windows. It respects your choices :slightly_smiling_face:

But you have a workaround for this:

CAUTION: This is risky and should be done with proper care

Things you should have ready before doing this: Garuda Live USB, NTFS partition(s) for Windows

  1. Backup your '/boot/efi' (make sure the backup contains Garuda folder containing the boot files in it).
    NOTE: The backup should NOT be in the same EFI partition, have it somewhere else like your external hard disk. This should be kept safe, otherwise you won't be able to boot to your Garuda again.
  2. Install Windows in it's NTFS partition. BE CAREFUL HERE: Install in the proper partition and DO NOT make any changes to the partition table.
    Evilly Windows will wipe your EFI System Partition containing Garuda's boot entry. As you already have backup you can restore it.
  3. Now boot with Live Garuda USB.
  4. Mount the EFI System Partition.
    Now copy the Garuda folder from your /boot/efi's backup to the mounted EFI partition.
  5. Close everything and shut down the PC.
  6. Turn on PC and go to BIOS settings. Check the boot order and make sure you see Garuda's entry in it and in the first place.

Final notes: If you ever perform Windows update, backup your EFI partition as said above coz sometimes Windows may clean it, which is why it is untrustworthy. Also, avoid changing partitions in Windows, always do it in Linux only if needed.


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