Problems adding KDE global themes

I am attempting to browse and add a few new global themes from the System Settings tool. I am consistently getting either a network error 2 when it tries to load the list of themes, or if I try to install one I get a Could not install dependency error. I have tried several themes and have even tried to download them and install from command line using plasmapkg2 which results in the same dependency error. Internet connection is good, and I have verified that my DNS is returning an address for the address. At this time I am seeing this problem on two machines. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

It seems to be an issue with the servers. It is widely reported on all distros right now.

You can either keep trying until it works or download the themes and install them manually.


That figures, I'd seen a lot of issues out there but everything that came up in my searches was several years old. Unfortunately the manual option isn't working either at the moment as it still trys to go pull dependencies. I'll just have to keep trying periodically. The existing sweet theme isn't bad, just a tad bright for my eyes. Thanks for the response.

Depending on what theme you are looking for, many of them are available in AUR.

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This is a long-standing, off again, on again problem that has existed for a substantial amount of time. Sometimes I've had success when one fails by logging out/in again. Not always.

I suppose it's like catching a bus. Wait long enough and one will come along. :wink:

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