Problem with the user password

after i've formatted my computer with garuda gnome, after some time, everything that need my user password just don't work.

i still can use my root password (they're not the same, but only CaSe DiFeReNt), and after a restart of the computer, the user password come back to life for a short time.

if i log out of the computer, i have to turn of the power of the pc to turn it off, considering that i can't login anymore when the password stops working.

any clue of what is happening?

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I mean... this is a pretty vague starting point.

Can you provide more (useful) detail?


well, considering that i just don´t know whats happening, i guess that´s the best that i can do, after some time my user password just ¨become wrong¨ magically.

i really don´t know what can i say, what do you mean with useful details (i´m a newbie)?

Essentially, what are you doing before the password stops working?

For example, are you entering the password incorrectly several times and it is locking you out? (check faillock in a terminal.)

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