Problem with refresh rate

I change my refresh rate on setting from 144 to 120, then my screen is black, i tryed restart but it always is black screen, how can i fix this?, where is config file

Wrong category, you need to post in help and assistance and include your inxi -Faz

We can't help without the inxi -Faz

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why use 120 over 144? some sort of synch issue ?

also you have to

goto terminal and run inxi -faz then copy and paste that here with "~~~" preceding and following your inxi -faz output. without this we cant see your specs so we cant be much help. that is what nphynt13 stated in no so many words.

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There's no real reason here, the issue was that the screen blanked and didn't come back after a reboot.

This is a bit weird as setting the screen resolution and/or refresh rate using a DE's settings only has an effect after you log in.

This means something else is going on.

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Well when he asked where is the config I also was like inxi -Faz because is he running X or wayland? I mean why say "The config is /etc/X11/xorg.conf" then find out he's running Open AMD and Wayland :wink:

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Does the monitor have to also be set to 120.
Some monitors are overclocked to 144 and doing so disables 120.
This isn't "likely" to be the issue, but wanna mentioned "just in case".

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