Problem with login in a particular User

Actually I switched from Arch linux which was installed ext64 on lvm partition. I removed that OS and installed garuda on that partition. But save the data from that OS in seperate partition and mounted it with garuda. But user of that Arch and current Garuda OS is same and files is saved in same name. When I try to login in garuda with same user nae created User, can't able to login and error is:

Can anyone faced this type of problem. I also verified .Xauthority file but nothing worked

Maybe the UID are different.
You can check if TTY3 work

cat /etc/passwd | grep "your user name"

I received the output as:
| "shrivassp:x:1000:1000:shrivassp:/home/shrivassp:/bin/zsh "|

where shrivassp is my username

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And the owner/group from /home is?

same user name...! it is administrator username

But I can login properly with other userid(another administrator) created to verify and root..!


drwxr-xr-x 1 root root  240  5. Okt 04:03 ..
drwx------ 1 sgs  sgs  1212 12. Okt 19:29 sgs

I never login as admin (only I must change the UID :wink: ) , but I think my english is to bad to understand,
lets see if other user can help.

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