Privacy policy for the Garuda team

About five days ago I posted in this forum a topic named "My experience so far". I mentioned one of the reasons I left Ubuntu is due to privacy concerns. About three days ago, this popped up on my work iPhone's news feed "Microsoft Azure and Canonical Ubuntu Linux have a user privacy problem | ZDNet".

After this, I looked around the Garuda website for some statement about your team's position on privacy. I... couldn't find anything.

Obviously, if Microsoft suddenly funnels you millions in cash, it is what it is. But until such a time, is there some sort of agreed upon position about user privacy?

Garuda is just a layer over ArchLinux and AUR packages. There is no extra piece of code from us, no telemetry, nothing we can collect from you.

We can't say the same about the ArchLinux/AUR packages, third-party proprietary software like Spotify, Skype, and VSCode do what they want inside their BLOBs. So choose well what is installed in your system.


So what you're saying is that as long as ArchLinux doesn't have any issue, there's nothing you can add without going way out of scope from your current project.

Sounds good.


Many people are here for the same reasons you are. :wink:

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WelI I am here from a reddit post.
But the apps we do provide ex. garuda-gamer etc don't collect any data

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