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I installed nvm from aur repo. If I try to update my system from terminal appear a warning message.

warning: nvm: downgrading from version 0.38.0-1 to version 0.37.2-1

The version 0.37.2-1 is in chaotic-aur.
There is a method to not dowgrade packages from chaotic-aur when I update the system from terminal ?
Obviously I mean without disable chaotic-aur repo.

Thank you!

I would try adding

IgnorePkg = nvm

in /etc/pacman.conf (temporarily).


The answer is included in the used terminal command user manual.

Read Garuda wiki for how to ask for support.
I regret to inform you that we are not mind readers yet, but we keep trying :wink:

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I use yay to update packages and there isn’t option to exclude repo or ignore a previous version of a package automaticaly.

Because you think these are what you need, does not mean the manual knows what you think you need and just provides functionality how the developer thinks.

For example, if you don't ask the package manager to downgrade packages, they won't be downgraded. So, I think you create your own problems.
And by now, you haven't explained how exactly you update (yay command?), which I shouldn't even ask you.


I'm sorry

Yes, that's true, you're right.
I usually update arch with command:

yay -Syyuu


yay -Syyuu --noconfirm

I use this command but actually I don't know why. I've readed it long time ago.
When I checked the manual of yay, I didn't understand why yay tried to downgrade nvm because there is no documentation about downgrade or double option. So I check the pacman documentation and now I know that:
yy -> force refresh repo;
uu -> upgrade and enable downgrade.
I apologize for writing a useless post

Where is this topic ?

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Reporting bugs | Garuda Linux wiki :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you.

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No, and double no.

The normal way to update is:

sudo pacman -Syu

If your mirrors require updating then use:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Only rarely should you ever use:

sudo pacman - Syyuu

This is only to be used if your mirrors have gotten out of sync and your package versions are out sync. In this case you will want to use the downgrade option with "uu".

It is not advisable to use --noconfirm except in very rare instances.


on which cases, only experienced users should proceed without previously asking for an expert's advice.


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