Previous 'update' script checking for paru or yay, current no longer?

Hey folks,

Curious...I have a very vague recollection that a few months back, when I first spun up Garuda on my daily driver, that the update script used to use paru or yay if it was detected, to perform the updates, and if neither are found, it would fall-back to pacman.

I've used paru to install a bunch of packages from the AUR repo, and have run the paru --gendb command to have those AUR packages get updated when running paru -Su.

I recently noticed when running bauh that I have a number of packages from AUR that haven't been updated, so I of course checked the update script to see that it runs straight pacman -Su and I'm wondering why the change was made? Or am I misremembering that the update script used to check for yay or paru?

I mean, it's no big deal, after I run the full update command, I then follow-up with paru -Su and then it finds any updated AUR packages and goes through the process of reviewing code and approving for package compilation and installation.

Anyway, just curious about the change, and if there's perhaps a better way to go about updating AUR packaged during the full update process. I'm somewhat less inclined to overwrite the command in the update script itself as I imagine that it may get overwritten in subsequent updates.

Thanks y'all!

Just re-added this functionality to the script in version 1.6.1.

UPDATE_AUR=true update


Many thanks!

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