Pretty much blown away!

Hi, been using linux for a good few years, and stumbled across this and the name got my attention - seriously, if anyone wants to use the word Garuda, its got a lot to live up to! So here i am, pretty much in awe how incredibly polished and well thought out this is . Easy install arch without the head scratching, btrfs by default (coming from a OpenSuse user, so know how handy snapper is when needed) , and the post install wizard is a simple act of genius etc etc. as for the rest, pretty much along the same lines. Anyway', glad to have it, and thanks for creating it, and good to be here. And as for the name - Garuda's always came across to me as being fearsome and fearless, whilst at the same time being able to be utterly serene. Seems to fit the ethos nicely. G



Thanks for the kind words and have fun in the forum.