Pretty good Feedback I found about Garuda

The topic Garuda isn't done yet on the internet. Which is good or bad which depends on your perspective on the topic.
I just found a feedback which in the end shows my own opinion. And the video isn't that old, it is from August the 18th.
And the guy goes into the Garuda Gamer and Garuda Assistant, tools I really like and seem pretty unique to Garuda.


I see multiple comments about arcolinux mentioned. That basically another endeavour? Also an interesting comment about some tweak tool and adding the arco repositories to Garuda although not sure what is in arco but not Garuda. Good video though but I spent more time reading the comments lol

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Arcolinux is just archlinux without without systemd (afaik), but it's not a distribution instead they provide package mirrors so you have to do everything yourself (afaik xD)

I tried the tweak tool and it's not as good as everyone makes it seem. It allows you to edit some mirror stuff, change the sddm theme, ... Not worth. I should uninstall the mirrors.

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Almost everything about that is inaccurate :face_with_monocle:


Yep I've seen comments about ArcoLinux too but I'm not that interested in it.
I've found that one, it actually sums up the experience and the way you deal with Arco. It is from their own website:

My favs are Garuda and Gentoo. For getting life in old hardware I'm using Mint with some super light Desktop environment.

I think it is interesting that Garuda is still in the talks. We all know how the internet is and if you're in the talks without big scandals it mostly means there is some quality there which ppl are recognizing.

I personally don't need to tell anyone here that I'm happy with Garuda, first of all most of you know that anyways and second I try to do my best to help as well. So there is that.



Keep gathering steam! This team deserves recognition. They've got a great product.

It's the best experience i've had on any OS, Windows included (is it rude to compare?). Far and away Garuda has been a more plug and play system for me. I was blown away by the support out of the box.


Same for me :+1:t3: :smile:

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Awesome xD
I tried my best haha

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Absolutely agree. Couldn't be happier with my choice to switch to Garuda.


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