Post-Installation Wizard doesn't do anything

Hello Everyone.

I'm new to Garuda. I have used Majaro in the past and got most of it working as I liked, but I would by no means call myself an expert and there is tonnes of even basic or fundamental parts of Arch I don't understand.

I have had a search through the forums for this issue but the only thing I found was that people didn't have a GPU and didn't really meet the system requirements. This is not the case for me, I have a somewhat powerful GPU and CPU and more than meet the requirements to run the distro.

I was wondering if I'm simply missing something, I run the "Post-installation wizard", select all the things I want and then.. nothing happens. I'm finding it hard to troubleshoot when I have no error message or something to go off of.

Any ideas?

Is "Post-Installation Wizard" an app?

The reason this is happening is that pamac is not installed. If you run sudo pacman -S pamac and install pamac then the post installation wizard will work correctly. For some reason pamac didn't install in my installation either.


It didn't install because of all the help requests that it created when pamac broke last month.


Thank for letting me know why.

Thanks mate, I'm tempted to install it and give it a go. I've actually reinstalled from scratch again because the system just stopped booting (stuck on the loading screen). So i just manually installed most of the things that i wanted.

Would you still recommend avoiding pamac? I mean, it sounds like this is a nifty feature for someone with my level of knowledge, or lack there of, but I don't want to break my system again.

If you're a KDE user try Discover, (but always use pacman for full system updates IMO). Discover may surprise you as to how much nicer it is for browsing for software.

To be honest, I don't actually know, I could take a screenshot if that helps.

This is open source we don't have wizards, only sorcerers :wink:


Yea. Pacman is much better, and errors are easily identifiable.

Actually let me fix that for you, it’s ‘sourcerer’.


Sorry, I only know "Post Transaction Hooks", if this is what talking about.

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