Post install issues : Alacrity not launching, no update, keys errors

Noobs in Garuda, I've installed Garuda Sway to test and

  • Alactitty is not launching
  • System Update are not possible because of keys import errors
  • refresh keyring give me also errors

I feel completly stupid in front of this distrib
A little help to leave this catch 22 would be really appriciate. Thanks


Run garuda-update remote keyring && garuda-update, see if that works, if not then post the commands output.


Sway work just fine here.
We have a little trouble with garuda-update command. So just try first

sudo pacman -Syu

with this you update to newest "garuda-update" command.
For garuda-update you can use also just "update", it's a shortener :slight_smile:

For alacritty, start from terminal and post error log.
And, btw,


thanks for those quick replies
Eventually I had to do

sudo rm -fr /etc/pacman.d/gnupg
sudo pacman-key --init
sudo pacman-key --populate archlinux chaotic
sudo pacman -Syy archlinux-keyring chaotic-keyring
sudo pacman -Syu

This post helped me.

Still I do not have Alacritty launching by itself...
I had to use [ctrl]+[alt]+F2 to get a terminal

I move it to Sway :slight_smile:


garuda-update remote keyring

is the magic command to fix keyring issues.

garuda-update remote fix

is the magic command to fix keyring, pacman binary (for example pacman refusing to start, etc), pacman config, mirror, etc issues.

garuda-update remote fullfix

is the command that will do all that remote fix does, except also reinstall all packages.

All the Magic by @TNE :slight_smile:


Those were very powerfull commands !
I tried them all (I'm here to test, my kind of hollydays :wink:
Still alacritty do not launch alacrityy -vvvgives me an error : GLSL 3.30 is not supported. Supported versions are: 1.10,1.20, and 1.00ES
Anyway I have the good old terminator now that the update ans install are ok so I don't need it.

You mean you moved away from Sway, do not use it anymore ? (sorry I'm not english native - I'm French).
It was a try for me, insead of the choice of i3 or why not Dr460nized witch seems to be the most popular desktop

If you had posted the garuda-inxi as requested, we would know which DE you are using.

I, by the way, use what suits me best, not what is popular.

You can use almost anything in any DE, so have fun with Garuda Linux.

Please post your inxi in the future.
Anyway, your hardware doesn't meet the minimum requirements listed on our website, that's why alacrity doesn't launch.

Nooooo don't say that
It works perfectly fine >.>
It updates itself.


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