Possibility of a transfer tool?

Hey. So recently I read through a blog post talking about a new tool from the distribution called Feren Os. And it was talking about a transfer tool. It essentially allows you to move from Windows to Linux much easier than trying to reinstall things on Linux or move over your files and content etc. I was just wondering if this is something that the Garuda devs might consider in the future? It would help make this more useable for windows users looking to migrate and saves a lot of time from those dual booting and wanting their media on both or those wanting to leave windows entirely. Here’s the link to the tool btw if anyone is curious


Well... the documentation states that this "backup-tool" does nothing more or less than taking the files from C:\users$username\ (which you can select or deselect) and copy them to an external drive which you can then reinsert after installing Feren OS and copy to your ~ folder.

That isn't exactly magic, you can just do it manually. Should even take less time than using that tool. ^^

I also do that regularly with my installations (dual-booting right now, again, needed AutoCAD) on an extra NTFS-partition, which I use for swapping files.


As an alternative, you can leave your NTFS partition alone and just mount it. My install of garuda found it, and i added it to the /etc/fstab to mount it automatically at boot.


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