Please include brave by default

I have a suggestion

it would be very cool if you could include brave browser with dark reader and bitwarden extensions as default for people who dont like firefox.

Thanks for the suggestion, we will stay with Firefox as default though as Brave has been doing some weird things lately..
Its available in the setup assistant as software choice though, so you are free to use whatever you like most :grin:


Im using brave 1.18.70 without problems

Your default firefox comes with a harden config and causes problems with some websites this is why i suggested brave as a choice.

Maybe when the user is installing you can give them the option to use firefox or brave or both.

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Well that would require building 2 isos for every version as Firefox is baked in :thinking: not worth it imo as it just requires two commands to switch to Brave and remove Firefox..

Actually this should have been resolved as the things breaking websites were moved to browser-settings-hardened (which is opt-in and not preinstalled)
If there are still issues with the default config please let me know where / how these show so we can make things work again :grin:


No need to build 2 isos, bake in firefox and brave and give the user the option of which to use when installing the iso :+1:

As I've stated in the past I don't trust Brave. I have a major issue with a Browser that claims to be privacy centric, but has a ads rewards program.


Nope, where is the problem to install "your" browser?

Also read all the posts in WWW about the bloated Iso's.


This is the suggestions forum, i was only making a suggestion no problem :sunglasses:

keep up the great work :+1:


Well that option is already given with the setup assistant. Personally I dont trust Brave either but use it as mobile browser because Firefox aint ready yet on mobile (missing some things such as notifications for example... meh . Quite a tradeoff :sweat_smile: )
Baking in those two would mean increasing iso size for a thing that can be easily installed - we moved asian font support to the setup assistant for the same reason, as example. For the people who do not need this applcation that just means "wasting" bandwidth.


np i understand thanks for the reply guys


first time i see the setup assistant, its cool i can install brave, wire thanks guys!