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Which pkgbuild? Not enough information.

I know this, sorry I mean. In general,

I am only downloading so many things I like to try out, but almost all of them have Build packages and I just dont know how to run one.

Packages in Arch Linux are built using the makepkg utility and the information stored in a PKGBUILD file. When makepkg runs, it searches for a PKGBUILD in the current directory and follows the instructions in it to acquire the required files and/or compile them to be packed within a package file (pkgname.pkg.tar.zst). The resulting package contains binary files and installation instructions ready to be installed by pacman.

An Arch package is no more than a tar archive, or 'tarball', compressed using zstd(1), which contains the following files generated by makepkg:

  • The binary files to install.
  • .PKGINFO: contains all the metadata needed by pacman to deal with packages, dependencies, etc.
  • .BUILDINFO: contains information needed for reproducible builds. This file is present only if a package is built with pacman 5.1 or newer. See BUILDINFO(5).
  • .MTREE: contains hashes and timestamps of the files, which are included in the local database so that pacman can verify the integrity of the package.
  • .INSTALL: an optional file used to execute commands after the install/upgrade/remove stage. (This file is present only if specified in the PKGBUILD.)
  • .Changelog: an optional file kept by the package maintainer documenting the changes of the package. (It is not present in all packages.)

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