Please help me my divers are not working

All issues related to Garuda Linux.

please help me i can't able to use my divers for storing . please tell how to sole this problem.

Can't read pic.

Guessing you need to read:

man chown

Once I formatted my drives with btrfs and I am unable to write anything to it, So plzz
Try to reformat your drives with ntfs using GParted software, then transfer files.

You need to chown any newly formatted drive to enable the user to have access permissions. Best not to use NTFS, stick to LINUX native file systems IMO.

Search the forum (or internet) for how to chown your newly formatted drive.


tbg is there any problem with ntfs while we using linux?

There are a few, depending how you use it.
NTFS does not keep file attributes as set in most linux file systems.
For more reading, start from man mount.


What is the filesystem of the partition of the drive you're trying to move the file to?