Planning on switching to Garuda, have questions

  1. Does the KDE lite edition have your tools?
  2. Does the kde git version have your tools?
  3. Is the kde git version stable to daily drive?
  4. What are the main differences between EndeavourOS and Garuda?
    Endeavour seems to be more minimal, Garuda seems to be a bit like Manjarno but better.

Just try the live ISO's :smiley:

All are stable like arch.

What is EndavourOS? :smiley:
What is Manjaro? :smiley:


1 & 2 : looks like it to me that they have the Garuda packages if that is what you mean. (The Downloads page has a package list)

3: git versions aren't usually daily drivers for most people. However you can always try it.

4: Garuda has some nice maintenance tools and many defaults I like. Like SGS said, you can always try the live environments off a USB to see what you like and to test things out.


Dr460nized also seems very appealing, minus the blur.

i can probably disable that by testing the live isos first.

  1. OK, that's good.

  2. Hmm, all I care is that packages work and i dont have to run
    pacman -Syu every 5 minutes.

  3. I guess i'll have to test. Sad my usb only has 5 gb space left (i use ventoy, best thing to happen to usb flash drives after usb 3.0)

Here we run garuda-update instead. One of the many handy tools we have (rates mirrors, applies fixes, etc)


Hmm... On endeavourOS im used to just using

pikaur (its not the default aur helper there, i install it bc pikaur>yay)

Maybe you can use custom.cfg

menuentry "garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-220715.iso"{
   insmod btrfs
   set dri="free"
   set lang="de_DE"
   set keytable="de"
   set timezone="Europe/Berlin"
   set isofile="/@/live/garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-220715.iso"
   search --no-floppy -f --set=root $isofile
   probe -u $root --set=abc
   set pqr="/@/dev/disk/by-uuid/$abc"
   loopback loop $isofile
   linux  (loop)/boot/vmlinuz-x86_64 img_dev=$pqr img_loop=$isofile driver=$dri tz=$timezone lang=$lang keytabl
e=$keytable copytoram
   initrd (loop)/boot/amd_ucode.img (loop)/boot/initramfs-x86_64.img

if you come from Linux.

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Garuda use paru.


I have windows on this computer, and am planning to dual boot (so I can use windows if smth goes HORRIBLY wrong)

AFAIK paru is made by the same person as yay.

Is it possible to use pikaur instead?

Sure, it's Linux :slight_smile:


I know i sound like a newb, my thinking was that
garuda-update uses paru. Is it possible to make it use pikaur?

Either way, this is the beauty of Linux. Nothing forced on you (except on ubuntu, snaps are ninja installed)

Just edit the source code in /bin/ :smiley:

Gentoo moment:

I am typing this from the Dr460nized regular edition liveiso, and after tweaking the layout (not a mac user, dont care for the layout) im fine. If i switch the icons tho i end up with inconsistency. ill try installing and booting up some of my fav games :D! If it works fine ill stay, otherwise ill jump back 2 endeavouros lol


Me too.

Good travel :slight_smile:

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  1. as in the garuda assistant icon and the fire dragon icon will not look like the rest of the icons.

  2. good2know

  3. hopefully i can stay!