Pi-hole, which version to install for Garuda?

I noticed that there is pi-hole-server and pi-hole-standalone. Which should be installed? Thanks

Depends on how you intend to use it. One is for setting up a network where connected devices use the pi-hole for DNS; the other is intended more as a mobile application, and runs on the device it's installed to.

  • #Pi-hole server - This is default and well-known Pi-Hole server that most users are looking for. It is designed to be used as a DNS server for other devices on the LAN.
  • #Pi-hole standalone - This is alternative lightweight Pi-Hole installation, designed for a mobile context. It is intended to be used on the same device (e.g. laptop), where no external and centralised Pi-Hole server is available. It also has no web interface and automatically updates.

Looks like from that I'd want the standalone. Thanks