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I am not a tech person AT ALL (FYI). I had an employee who was terminated last week and he changed the passwords on all the workstations in the customer service office before he left. Now the work stations are essentially useless and that department is dead in the water. I read through the topic but need a true layman's response on how to reset. TIA.

So, if I'm understanding this correctly, you're running Garuda Linux (specifically Garuda Linux, nothing else) at your work place and an employee changed your passwords?


That is correct - the IT guy who was terminated set it all up. Our normal IT guy is on medical leave and I do not have a clue.

Assuming that tech guy used Garuda Linux or another Linux distro:
To edit kernel parameters, hold Shift while the computer is booting (or spacebar, I am not sure) to reach boot menu. Then hit "e" and navigate to the line starting with "linux" with arrow keys. Go to the end of the line, leave a space and type the necessary kernel parameter.


It boots into a windows like interface where there are 4 usernames. These are the passwords I need to change so employees can access our online system.

Can you upload a screenshot of that screen? Don't upload to the forum, upload anywhere else and send a link of the screenshot.

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I can get an image but I am not sure where/how to upload it (I'm sorry to be a PITA)

Try using this website

After you upload, send a link so I can view it

Reboot the computer and hold "shift" while the PC boots. You should reach a menu with options like "Garuda Linux", "Advanced Options for Garuda" etc. Hit "e", then navigate with arrow keys to the line that starts with "linux". Then go to the end of it, leave a space and add this parameter:


Hit "F10" to boot and you should reach a shell. Type these commands:

mount -n -o remount,rw /
usermod -aG wheel sandy
passwd sandy

After 2nd command, type new password twice. Then type reboot -f
Now login to the user "sandy". You can change the password of others with the settings app or with passwd command from terminal.


Thank you! I will try that now :slight_smile:

I moved from #community:introductions to #issues-assistance:aur-snaps-flatpaks-other because we don't have an area for paid support or free hacker school here :wink: .


It worked - Thank you soooo much!!!

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You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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