Partitions missing in Garuda linux?

Hello everyone, I switched to Garuda linux a couple weeks ago. Everything works fine until one fine day, I get put into the grub rescue mode and no hope for recovering my system back(no essential data lost thankfully). apparently the boot/efi partition was missing??? I installed Garuda by the iso provided on the downloads page(gaming edition).

My specs:
I use a laptop: Asus TUF Gaming A15 (FA506IH-AL057T)
Ryzen 5 4600H
8GB RAM(ddr4 3200mhz), 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD,
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 + 4GB Graphics

I installed Garuda by first wiping my system which had Ubuntu on it. Worked fine, played games, very responsive(impressive), softwares worked all was fine.

I tried to auto-mount my HDD by adding it to the fstab/fsync(i dont' remember which one) and after the reboot it worked fine. Suspiciously after the successful boot the next one killed the system. apparently a file named "normal.mod" was not found and after fixing that I was put into the grub rescue mode where i couldn't do much.

I thankfully had my usb from which i installed Garuda linux from but history repeats itself, my usb and my system had two partitions for Garuda linux(i have no idea why but it works) and the first partition of the usb was not showing up in my bios i booted into the usb and ran the boot repair options(all of them) and none of them seemed to find the /boot/efi partition and then my OS i installed on my system was gone from bios I had no boot options apart from the usb stick I used.

with no hope I used my previous ubuntu iso and here I am clueless of what i could do.

Boot into Garuda live usb and try to restore timeshift snapshot

After that reboot.


I did that... on the boot screen i was prompted to fix and i went back to the oldest snapshot i had and that didn't work.

I downloaded the iso again and the new iso seemed to have fixed every single problem i had, all my drives were auto-mounted and gave me the option to install some softwares i usually do after installation(gimp, vscode, vlc, etc). Thanks for the support! :smiley:

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