Partitioning for steam storage

Hi all, new today to Garuda & Arch have played with mint mainly pepermint linux but really like it alot but been stuck with windows due to gaming on steam. i seen Garuda in a you tube video yesterday about gaming , easy install with steam & the kicker where there is even support for stering wheel controlers so today i got Garuda installed nevida + steam up and running queston is i have a 3tb hdd about half full of steam files so i shrank it down to create a partition for steam on linux and not sure about file system does it need to be Btrfs or does it matter that much. also assuming the i cant use the 1.5tb of files i have on ntfs, that would be nice so as not to have to spend all that time redownloading all of it again. thank you all for the help really liking this distro so far all of half a day just hope the driving games i can get to work will be a heaven send as i could finally kick windows to the curb for good

It doesn't matter for a data drive. Use whatever filesystem that takes your fancy; ext4 will work fine, but btrfs will give you compression etc.