Pamauth/usb token to unlock desktop

there is a guide for ubuntu using Pam auth mod and a USB key to log in to your desktop.
this no longer works due to the mod /being updated and not supported.
is there a new way to do this?
how can we in Garuda do the same?.

heres a link to the old guide:

The old guide worked well and
I use to love it

Deepin? :smiley:

I am not sure, but I guess you are looking for this.

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while thats ones good i got an old ubikey here the one in the link i put in was using pam and a reg usb key

What changed?

Not new. The same old one. The referenced utility just does this automatically.
You may try doing the same manually, using pam.d rules and the rest.

AUR relevant page's user suggests this


ty :slight_smile:
under ubuntu this is no longer supported as pam _usb is no longer worked on.

The link is from another repo, not the one in AUR, with the same name, which is newer than the... older (in AUR).

I don't understand why you refer to Ubuntu. Don't you have Garuda system?

Ubuntu is not Arch/Garuda


sorry; but I was told the project pamusb was no longer maintained i did not think this was for ubuntu only it was not supported.