Pamac not doing updates

I launched Pamac cause I was informed I had updates. When I clicked apply, and entered my password Pamac updated the databases but did not do the updates. As you can see from my screenshot I tried twice more with the same results. I then launched Discover and had no issue with the updates. After Discover finished doing the updates I clicked apply on Pamac again and this time after I entered my password it actually did the updates over the top of themselves. Any idea why Pamac behaved that way? Thanks!Pamac Not Updating|690x308

No, only pamac can know.
We recommend pacman.
I use pamac only to search etc…

Cute, thought someone might of seen the issue reported elsewhere. As for Pamac @librewish just made it so we can use it.

Moment, did you try again now?

Server was down today.
If librewish can fix he will fix but pamac is under construction I think :wink:

Like I said after Discover finished installing the updates for the hell of it I clicked apply again on Pamac. As usual it asked for my password, I entered it, and it proceeded to reinstall the updates Discover just installed. So looks like it might have been a temporary issue. Will see on the next round of updates,

I do most all of my updates from the command line.

I normally use Topgrade, but they have to fix it for Garuda.